Here is how it works

We will provide your restaurant / food truck / hotel with a QR code for each table. Customers would have the ability to scan the code and order directly from the digital without waiter involvement. After the order has been placed the kitchen will get it on the monitor and manager on his tablet.

Advantages for any foodservice provider


  • Digital waiter never quits
  • No need to pay minimum wage. Monthly affordable subscription
  • Serves unlimited number of tables
  • Maintains consistent service and good reputation
  • No wasted time on training new employees
  • Reduces operating costs

VFM Food Truck

Food Trucks

  • VFM saves your time
  • No need to take orders manually
  • Orders can be placed before customer even came to the food truck
  • More orders can be processed hence higher profit at the end of the day
  • Customers can see the food truck location on the map


  • Customers can see the menu online with all pictures
  • No need for a customer to explain what exactly they want through the phone calls
  • Faster order processing and analytics

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