that serves unlimited number of tables

How VFM Solutions can help your restaurant business?

VFM QR menu is the perfect tool for restaurantscafesfood trucks, hotels, and other businesses to provide their customers with an attractive digital menu and help customers order with a few simple clicks.

Amplify your reach

Promotional campaigns within the app and push notifications directly to user devices

Inspire the audience

Show your featured dishes on the top of the menu and post images for all menu items

Cut your costs

Save money on labor, free up your waiters to focus on service instead of taking orders


Get insights about your most popular menu items, customers, their preferences, the best days for business and much more with our reporting tool built on Machine Learning

VFM Menu-settings


Restaurants can configure the menu in the way the need to make it more personal


Customers can use search to find exactly what they need


All menu items have pictures to make it easier for customers to choose or find something new they’ve never tried

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